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Repair of Porsche Vehicles

One of the finer details of the Porsche service provided at First Choice in Knoxville is checking to make sure that the cabin air filter and air systems in your vehicle are working right. Whether you are driving the Boxster, Spyder, Panamera or the Cayenne the quality of the cabin air is important. We service the cabin air systems during the 60000 Porsche repair and service check, but should you notice any odd smells or peculiar qualities you should bring it to us immediately.


The cabin air systems in a Porsche car do more than just keep air fresh inside. They are an important part of the heating and cooling system. If you are driving one of the 911 S or 918 Turbo cars, or any of the other smaller Porsche models, the air system is essential to keeping you comfortable on long drives. For those with the larger SUV styled Porsches, that same air system needs to be working properly in order to assure the comfort of your passengers. At First Choice, our Porsche repair and service specialists can check the ducts, fans and filters to make sure the air delivery system is clean and healthy.


At First Choice, our focus is on making sure that you are satisfied with your vehicle for as long as possible. At our Knoxville location, we have a stock of OEM and approved parts, fluids and filters to keep your car going the way the Porsche designed it. Call today and set up your Porsche repair and service appointment with First Choice.