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Repair of Lexus Vehicles

The 90,000 Lexus repair and service mark is one of the most important service schedules for your car. It is considered the last of the “big three” milestones in car care, with the first two being the 30 and 60,000 Lexus repair and service points. During the 90,000 repair and service check, a First Choice Lexus repair specialist will carefully examine your car for signs of wear involving your timing belt, valves and other important systems. This can be very important for owners of the Lexus SUV models like the RX, GX and LX. SUVs tend to get a heavier driving use than the IS, ES, GS or LS sedans. The sedans will experience more stress from high speeds and the stop and go of commuting, but SUVs can undergo more torque stress which can strain the transmission and timing system.

No matter what model Lexus you have, the 90,000 Lexus repair and service can make sure that you enter the second phase of your car’s life prepared. At our two locations, we carry a stock of Lexus OEM and recommended fluids, filters and replacement parts so we can take care of any need your Lexus has to make sure it retains the performance you are used to.

Call today and make an appointment for your next Lexus repair at First Choice. Another benefit of always having your Lexus repair done by one of our technicians at First Choice is you create a relationship with us that lets us get to know the baseline performance appearance of your vehicle so we know when there is cause to worry and when things are just as they should be.