Bonus Savings With Any Repair or Maintenance Service $10 off Any Repair or Maintenance Service of $100 or More…
$20 off Any Repair or Maintenance Service of $250 or More…
$50 off Any Repair or Maintenance Service of $750 or More…
For faster service call ahead for appointment.
*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes tires and batteries. One time use only.
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Spring into Summer Special $24.95Oil Change and Roadtrip Checkup Have your
•power steering fluid
•tire pressure
•cabin air filter
•washer fluid
•brake fluid
checked before your next trip and we'll also change the oil!
Shop supplies and tax extra. Up to 5 quarts of syn/blend oil and standard screw on oil filter. Vehicles that hold more than 5 quarts of oil or use special oil dictated by manufacturer or a cartridge type oil filter may incur a higher cost. Shop supplies and taxes extra. *Cannot be used with any other offers.
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Everyone was extremely friendly, the service was great- will definitely do future business with First Choice Automotive !!


As you continue to drive your vehicle, you are going to rack up a ton of miles over time and eventually those miles are going to take a toll on your vehicle. You will be placing wear and tear on the parts of your vehicle and may not even think about it. This is why most vehicle manufacturers will put out suggested milestones for having your vehicle serviced. One of the suggested milestones put out by vehicle manufacturers is the 60,000 mile mark. During a 60k service check, your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected by a team of certified mechanics that will be able to pinpoint any issues that may hinder the performance of your vehicle.

During the 60k service check, you can expect your brakes to be inspected, belt inspection, your fluids will be checked and some of them may need to even be flushed or replaced. Your cooling system will be checked over thoroughly by professionals, as your cooling system is very important to the life of your vehicle. The cooling system and cooling fluid is there to make sure that your vehicle does not become overheated.

At First Choice Auto you can rest assure that no matter what make or model of vehicle you have, you will be putting your vehicle in the right hands. We have been operating for years in the Knoxville area and we have experience with every vehicle make/model you could imagine.