5/22/2017 Roger Gibbs I have been using First Choice Automotive for 10+ years now and I won't take my car and Jeep anywhere else. The staff is very friendly and take care of you. And as far as prices go, I guarantee you that you won't find anyone who does a better job for a cheaper price. I highly recommend First Choice Automotive!!
5/18/2017 Anonymous Great service.
5/16/2017 Will Parrott This place is a price gouging shop! I spent well over 2300.00 to get my engine light turned off and still it came back on within 1 day of driving it. After spending 2300.00 these pricks had the audacity to charge me 30$ for a 10.99 $ fuel cap that they have at auto zone. Guess what after 2x being at the shop they still did not fix my vehicle even know they said they did! Where's the quality control of these mechanics??? Or are these mechanics even certified to be mechanics??? The diagnostic test tells u what codes are in error than you start from there. This shop also Does not communicate with customer before they start working on vehicle what repairs and cost are needed. They just keep adding parts without acknowledgement of the customer!! My family and I are done with this place. If u want to get ripped off by shop who doesn't truly fix the issues than by all means come here! I work too hard to get gouged and still not have the problem fixed. Find a ma and pa shop that that are dedicated on honest results/work and if course word of mouth/reviews. God bless-- stay away from this place! Just being honest.
Mr. Parrott, We've been trying to reach out via phone, hopefully you'll have a chance to talk soon we'd like to get to the bottom of this. Our mechanics are ASE certified and you may see their achievements posted in our office. We’re sorry that you did not find the work satisfactory. In regards to the fuel cap, that is something we had to get from the dealership, not Autozone, and it does come with a 3 year warranty unlike Autozone parts. We have grown from a 2-bay shop to 3 stores and are a small, family-owned business and have dedicated the last 24 years to delivering honest and efficient work. Hopefully we can resolve this issues. - First Choice Auto
5/11/2017 Steven Wesolowski Thanks to Jeff and the guys at 1st choice, they always take great care of my vehicles and at a great price.
Thank you for the great review Steven! - First Choice Auto
5/11/2017 Jamie Noblit I arrived early and was taken care of with great care. They were able to get me in and out real fast.
Glad to be of service Jamie! - First Choice Auto
5/10/2017 Nancy Wiggins Great Mechanics and Staff! Would not take my car anywhere else!
Thank you so much Nancy! - First Choice Auto
5/7/2017 Graham Rogers Great job
Thank you Graham! - First Choice Auto
5/5/2017 Michael Hardwick We have taken our cars to First Choice since they opened their doors. We have always received excellent service, and appreciate their honest communication about everything. First Choice Auto Repair is the only place that we trust to take our cars!
Thank you so much for the continued business Michael! We're so happy to hear you've trusted us with your vehicles for 24 years! - First Choice Auto
5/3/2017 Nathan Murray I went late April 2017 to get an oil change and have my AC fixed. I was told that they would empty the coolant in the system and replace it, including a dye that would help them identify leaks, for $150; I agreed. After waiting for about 2 hours, an employee said they were unable to determine the problem with the AC and asked if I was willing to wait an extra hour for them to continue diagnosing. (They didn't mention this would cost me $97.) after another hour, they determined they could get the compressor to start "kicking," and they could get the fan to work, but not both at the same time. I was told this was evidence that the switch was faulty. I agreed to have the switch replaced. I was assured that their electrical technician was "really good." After another hour, someone graciously let me use their vehicle while they continued working. Another hour later I drove back to the shop. (They didn't call to indicate work was done; I was interested in their progress). They told me that it was in fact the compressor that was faulty. I said I was not interested in leaving my car there for any longer, at which point I was told that they still had to do the oil change. Thirty minutes later when I got the bill, I was charged $330, $30 dollars of which was to replace an AC valve kit, which I neither asked for nor was asked about; they did this on their own accord. My AC still doesn't work, but I paid for a new valve kit, coolant, and a technician to diagnose the problem. Very disappointed.
4/29/2017 Mike Best place to take your car!
Thank you Mike! - First Choice Auto
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