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Wheel Alignment

Keeping your tires in good condition involves more than just making sure they are properly inflated. You should have your wheel alignment checked frequently to avoid excessive tire wear. Another good practice is to make sure that the tire balance is checked every 6,000 miles, or if the tires have been recently replaced or rotated. Wheel alignment can make the difference in how much fuel economy you get and how long your tires will last.


At First Choice, our experienced wheel alignment technicians can examine vehicles with independent suspension to help determine if a 2 or 4 wheel alignment is necessary. Many of the newer models use independent suspension, but no tires are so independent from each other that their wheel alignment doesn’t affect each set. If your front tires are aligned and your back tires are aligned, but the wheel alignment between the front and back is off, it will create the same problem with your tires as if all of the wheel alignment was bad. Rotating tires is a good practice, but if your front alignment is off switching one tire to the back will now begin to pull the rear alignment out of place as well.


Call and make an appointment at First Choice today to have your wheel alignment checked. Our Knoxville location is conveniently located and we have extended service hours that will make it easy to fit your repair and service appointment into your schedule. During your wheel alignment we will check your tire tread and inflation to make sure your vehicle is capable of its maximum performance.