Bonus Savings With Any Repair or Maintenance Service $10 off Any Repair or Maintenance Service of $100 or More…
$20 off Any Repair or Maintenance Service of $250 or More…
$50 off Any Repair or Maintenance Service of $750 or More…
For faster service call ahead for appointment.
*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes tires and batteries. One time use only.
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Spring into Summer Special $24.95Oil Change and Roadtrip Checkup Have your
•power steering fluid
•tire pressure
•cabin air filter
•washer fluid
•brake fluid
checked before your next trip and we'll also change the oil!
Shop supplies and tax extra. Up to 5 quarts of syn/blend oil and standard screw on oil filter. Vehicles that hold more than 5 quarts of oil or use special oil dictated by manufacturer or a cartridge type oil filter may incur a higher cost. Shop supplies and taxes extra. *Cannot be used with any other offers.
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Everyone was extremely friendly, the service was great- will definitely do future business with First Choice Automotive !!

Synthetic Oil Change

Switching your vehicle to synthetic oil can be one of the smartest moves you can make for three reasons. For one, a synthetic oil change provides more protection for your engine. At First Choice, we regularly provide synthetic oil change service to cars with performance engines because the synthetics are designed to withstand the higher operating temperatures of turbo chargers better. The second reason is that while a synthetic oil change may be more expensive than a regular oil change, it saves you money in the long run. Your car will require less oil and less frequent oil changes than with conventional oil. The last reason is that using synthetic oil is more environmentally responsible than staying with conventional oil products.


Conventional oil is nothing more than crude oil that has been slightly refined. The synthetics start with crude oil but then it is distilled, purified and reduced to its molecular form. When it is rebuilt with additives, it becomes a stronger and more durable liquid. Each car uses less oil, which means less waste to dispose of in the environment. At First Choice, we recycle all of our waste products to the best of our ability. Encouraging our customers to have a synthetic oil change is a part of our responsibility to the environment.


Call and make an appointment at First Choice today for your next synthetic oil change. Our Knoxville location is conveniently located and we have extended service hours that will make it easy to fit your service appointment into your schedule.